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Estimated Completion Time

1 segment / 18 weeks


This course provides students with an overview of dual and individual sports. Students learn about a variety of sports, and do an in-depth study of hiking and orienteering, golf, and dual volleyball. Students learn not only the history, rules, and guidelines of each sport, but practice specific skills related to many of these sports. Students also learn the FITT principles, benefits of fitness, and safety and technique. Students conduct fitness assessments, set goals, and participate in weekly physical activity.


Note: content varies depending on course version. For currently enrolled students, please refer to the syllabus located in the course information area for curriculum specifics.

Major Topics and Concepts


Segment 1:

  • Getting Started
    • Fitness Assessment
    • Fitness Analysis
    • Getting Fit
  • Sports Participation
    • FITT Principles
    • Exercise Safety
    • Individual & Dual Sports
  • Outdoor Sports
    • Exploring the Outdoors
    • Navigating the Outdoors
  • Racquet Sports
    • Tennis
    • Tennis Skills
  • Golf
    • Golf
    • Golf Skills
  • Volleyball
    • Volleyball
    • Volleyball Skills


Credits .5

Meets PE graduation requirement


  • Fitness Assessment and Goal Setting
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of personal fitness assessment and fitness goal setting as they relate to outdoor sports by conducting and reflecting on a pre and post fitness assessment and setting a fitness goal.
  • FITT Principle
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the FITT Principle as it relates to outdoor sports by using the FITT principle to identify, implement and assess a safe and applicable FITT plan for an outdoor sport.
  • Outdoor Activity Safety
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of safe participation in outdoor sports by identifying the safety equipment and appropriate gear and its use for various outdoor sports.
  • Outdoor Sports
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of various outdoor sports by listing and explaining the rules and required skills for those outdoor sports.



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