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Estimated Completion Time

18 weeks


Middle School Coding 1b: Learning Python and Javascript

Building on the prior prerequisite course, expand your knowledge of programming languages and web development by further exploring Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Analyze the differences between web development and web application development, while growing your portfolio, which will serve to highlight everything you have learned and created in the course.

Course Requirements

Google account

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: How to Train Your Python
Define and use the list data structure in Python
Iterate over a list in Python using for and while loops
Write user-defined functions in Python
Re-structure programs to use functions for greater efficiency

Unit 2: Plan the Code, Code the Plan
Write a basic, high-level, structured plan for a program
Convert a high-level plan to pseudocode
Define and apply the iterative process to pseudocode and coding
Write Python code for a basic text-based adventure game
Identify the main purpose of information and evaluate the soundness of an argument

Unit 3: Build a Web Page
Explain the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web
Understand how websites are transferred from servers to computers
Identify and use common HTML tags to build a basic web page
Use CSS to apply style to an HTML document

Unit 4: Give Your Web Page Some Style
Understand and apply the div tag to web pages
Use a variety of HTML and CSS to create a web page with pictures that appear when clicked on or hovered over
Write a basic JavaScript function
Use JavaScript event listeners to trigger an alert box
Create a spreadsheet that includes formulas and a graph

Unit 5: Buttons and Gadgets
Implement buttons in HTML that trigger a JavaScript function when clicked
Write user-defined JavaScript functions
Implement HTML web forms with text fields and buttons
Understand and use selection and repetition statements in JavaScript
Evaluate how technology has affected society

Unit 6: Become a Master Exterminator!
Define and complete a trace table to find errors
Use a debugger tool in an IDE
Identify common mistakes in Python and JavaScript
Create a publication using Lucidpress
Describe how models and simulations help us analyze and solve problems

Credits .5


  • Python Skills
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of python skills by defining and using data structure in Python, using loops, writing user-defined functions, and restructuring a program for efficiency.
  • Planning a Game
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of planning a game by writing a program plan, converting their plan to pseudocode, applying the iterative process to pseudocode and coding, and writing Python code for an adventure game.
  • Website Programming Languages
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of website programming languages by comparing the internet and the World Wide Web, explaining the transfer of websites, and identifying and using HTML tags and CSS.
  • Creating a Website
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of creating a website by applying div tags to web pages, creating a web page with pictures, writing basic JavaScript functions, and using JavaScript event listeners.
  • Advanced Programming Skills
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of advanced programming skills by implementing buttons and webforms in HTML, writing user-defined JavaScript functions, and using statements in JavaScript.
  • Finding Programming Errors and Debugging
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of finding programming errors and debugging by completing a trace table, using a debugger tool in an IDE, identifying common mistakes in Python and JavaScript, creating a publication and describing the advantages of models and simulations to solve problems.


MS Coding 1a

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