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Estimated Completion Time

9 weeks


Have you ever wondered how all of those great ‘apps’ you download and use everyday are created? Does the idea of ‘making’ an app sound fun or perhaps difficult? Well, you are in luck! You are about to embark on an interactive learning journey where you will learn that it’s not so difficult to make your own mobile apps and you will understand the core functions that go into programming an application.

You will learn how to develop apps without writing any code as well as basic programming concepts in this short but powerful course using a program called AppInventor2. You will follow text and video lessons to walk you through making simple computer apps. This is a visual and hands-on approach to computer programming. These invaluable skills will help ensure that you are ready not only for more advanced programming, but also for learning great strategies to problem-solve and share some real-world solutions with others.

A Cautionary Note to Parents and Students: Please be aware that some lesson content in this course requires that students

  • Have or can obtain a Google account. This can be a shared account with a parent.
  • Install or use web-based programs.
  • Use the recommended technology listed for VLACS as well as AppInventor’s online and installed applications to create, test, and run apps for Android devices such as smart phones and tablets.


Major Topics and Concepts

Segment 1


  • Block Programming: Understand the block style of programming is putting language blocks together with the App Inventor online application The blocks are the pieces you connect together to tell your app what to do. (Modules 1-2)
  • Mobile Applications: Understand basic mobile application development by creating applications users access on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. AppInventor2 is a graphical development environment for creating mobile apps. (Modules 3-4)
  • Designing Mobile Applications: Understand the appropriate techniques for designing, implementing, testing, and deploying a mobile application onto mobile devices and/or emulators. (Modules 5-8)
  • Data Manipulation: Understand manipulating data in a programming environment like AppInventor2 using lists, logic, and variables. (Modules 5-8)

Credits .25


  • Mobile Application Development
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of designing android applications with a user interface and block based programming by using a design and block editor to arrange components and program the behavior of the app.
  • Programming Concepts
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic programming concepts utilized in application development by writing and/or editing applications using local and global variables, various arrangements of components on the screen, conditional blocks, events and event handlers, multiple screens, web viewer components, and images and sounds media.



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