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Estimated Completion Time

1 segment / 18 weeks


This course provides students with an overview of group sports. Students learn about a variety of sports, and an in-depth study of soccer of basketball. Students learn not only the history, rules, and guidelines of each sport, but practice specific skills related to each sport. Students also learn about game strategy and the benefits of sports. In addition, students study elements of personal fitness, goal setting, sport safety, and sports nutrition. Students conduct a pre- and post-fitness assessment, as well as participate in weekly physical activity.


Note: content varies depending on course version. For currently enrolled students, please refer to the syllabus located in the course information area for curriculum specifics.

Major Topics and Concepts


Course Introduction

Unit 1: Getting Started

  • 1.1 Fitness Assessment & Analysis
  • 1.2 Getting Started

Unit 2: Exercise Safety

  • 2.1 Creating an Exercise Program
  • 2.2 Warm Up & Cool Down

Unit 3: Sports & Strategy

  • 3.1 Team Sports
  • 3.2 Game Strategy

Unit 4: Soccer

  • 4.1 Soccer Guidelines
  • 4.2 Soccer Game Play
  • 4.1 Soccer Skills I
  • 4.2 Soccer Skills II

Unit 5: Basketball

  • 5.1 Basketball Guidelines
  • 5.2 Basketball Game Play
  • 5.3 Basketball Skills I
  • 5.3 Basketball Skills II

Unit 6: Post Assessment

  • 6.1 Post Assessment

Credits .5


  • Sports Fitness Assessments
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of group sports fitness assessments by explaining personal fitness assessments for group sports and describing personal fitness goals for group sports and describing the FITT principle.
  • Sports Exercise Safety
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of group sports exercise safety by describing safety guidelines for an exercise program and explaining the importance of a warmup and cooldown.
  • Team Sports and Game Strategy
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of team sports and game strategy by describing types of team sports and explaining game strategy in team sports.
  • Soccer
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of soccer by describing soccer guidelines, explaining soccer game play, and describing soccer skills.
  • Basketball
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of basketball by describing basketball guidelines, explaining basketball game play, and describing basketball skills.


Recommended for grades 6-8.

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