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Estimated Completion Time

9 weeks


This course is appropriate and available to both middle and high school students. To enroll in the course, enroll in the high school version of this offering so that you are awarded the high school credit upon completion. The course will have the same title without the MS label in front. You will not be working with high school students in the course.

In Creative Coding 3 students will build on the programming skills they learned in Creative Coding 2 and begin applying these skills to larger and more complex projects. The projects cover a wide range of visual, interactive and algorithmic elements that students can recombine into useful apps, including custom buttons and sliders, instantiating multiple copies of objects, managing large numbers of variables in data structures, and writing readable and reusable code. After completing this course, students will know everything they need to begin creating unique, publishable artifacts in JavaScript: apps, games, and simulations.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Object constructors
  • Objects, arrays
  • Nested loops and conditionals, data
  • Decision trees, heuristics

Credits .25




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