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The Micro-Internship 3 offering extends your learning into the real world and allows you to learn from a professional of your choice either in person or virtually. You will perform research on a particular career field, including the various pathways into a specific career, and use your connection with your chosen professional to determine an authentic product or deliverable to demonstrate your understanding of the Micro-Internship I competencies.

  • You should either have already secured a professional or have some ideas regarding a professional you will be working with prior to starting.
  • Students will earn .25 credit upon completion of this customized learning opportunity.

Major Topics and Concepts

Credits .25


  • Career Preparation for Micro-Internship 3
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of career preparation for Micro-Internship 3 by explaining the required responsibilities and training for the career addressed.
  • Career Tasks in Micro-Internship 3
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of career tasks in Micro-Internship 3 by completing the micro-internship and the required deliverable(s).


Micro-Internship 1 and 2

Attend a virtual open house

We offer regular online open house webinars where VLACS staff members provide parents and students with an overview of our programs and answer questions about online learning.