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Estimated Completion Time

18 weeks


Marketing 2a: Global Business and Trade

Can you think of a brand that first launched in the U.S. and then became popular in other countries? Facebook™ did this very thing! Without a solid understanding of business and international marketing strategy, it becomes nearly impossible to be successful and stand out from the crowd. In this course, you’ll find out how business and marketing works around the world! You’ll learn about topics such as regulations, market research, marketing plans, global trends, buying and selling internationally, and more!

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Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: The Business Environment
Compare and contrast entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
Analyze advantages and disadvantages of business ownership
Examine the four phases of the business cycle
Describe the use of business ethics in promotion

Unit 2: Global Business Environment
Discuss the global environment in which businesses operate
Interpret labor issues associated with global trade
Describe the determinants of exchange rates and their effects on the domestic economy
Determine the impact of global trade on business decision making

Unit 3: Market Research in a Global
Explain the importance of marketing research
Describe methods used to design marketing research studies
identify strategies for entering international markets
Describe types of rating scales

Unit 4: Marketing Fundamentals Around the World
Create a marketing plan
Compare the benefits of various types of promotional media, including direct marketing, telemarketing, and social media
Explain the role of marketing in a free enterprise system
Examine the concept of promotional mix

Unit 5: Marketing Regulation
Describe the regulation of marketing information management
Identify and explain personal and long-term consequences of unethical or illegal behaviors
Determine unfair business practices
Clarify how business is affected by government regulation of consumer protection

Unit 6: Products and Merchandising
Examine the phases of the product life cycle
Demonstrate the sales promotion technique of locating advertised merchandise on the selling floor
Determine markups, markdowns, and break-even points
Identify the psychological effects of pricing

Unit 7: Global Buying and Distribution
Explain how goods and services are ordered
Describe the ethical considerations in channel management
Analyze import and export laws in relation to buying and selling products in an international market
Outline the steps in a buying plan

Unit 8: International Marketing Trends
Analyze current trends in marketing
Explain economic trends related to marketing
Compare and contrast global marketing trends

Credits .5


  • The Business Environment
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the business environment by comparing entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, describing the phases of the business cycle, and explaining the ethics of business marketing.
  • Global Business Environment
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the global business environment by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of international trade, describing factors affecting global trade, and explaining the impact of global trade on business decision-making.
  • Global Market Research
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of global market research by explaining the phases of marketing research, describing marketing research methods, and explaining the importance of marketing research.
  • Global Marketing Fundamentals
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of global marketing fundamentals by comparing marketing and merchandising, explaining marketing principles, and creating a marketing plan.
  • Marketing Regulation
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of marketing regulation by explaining marketing information management standards, describing unfair business practices, and summarizing government regulation of consumer protections.
  • Products and Merchandising
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of products and merchandising by describing the product life cycle, explaining pricing strategies, and summarizing merchandising strategies.
  • Global Buying and Distribution
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of global buying and distribution by summarizing the benefits of strategic business partnerships, describing steps in a buying plan, and explaining global supply chain management and distribution.
  • International Marketing Trends
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of international marketing trends by describing marketing trends, summarizing the benefits of artificial intelligence, and differentiating between international marketing and global marketing.



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