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Estimated Completion Time

18 weeks


The digital world seems to change every day, and touch more of our lives. We use technology to communicate with friends and family, find neverending entertainment options, follow our favorite sports teams and fashion trends, and do our school work. In Learning in a Digital World you will get the tools to navigate this exciting and always changing world. Learn about real-world issues and how to solve real-world problems through interactive and hands-on assignments. Discover what it means to be a responsible digital citizen, expand your digital literacy, and become a successful online student. Consider the best ways to find, create, and share information, learn to maximize information and communication technologies, and explore digital content creation, from emails and blogs to social media, videos, and podcasts.

Major Topics and Concepts

  • Digital Citizenship
  • Online Safety
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Digital Literacy
  • Study Skills
  • Content and Copyright
  • Your Learning Process
  • Digital Well-Being

Credits .5


  • Digital Citizenship
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of digital citizenship by explaining the characteristics and responsibilities of a good digital citizen and analyzing the effects of technology on distance learning.
  • Online Safety
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of online safety by analyzing potential threats to safety, describing steps to achieve online safety, and explaining the importance of managing online identity responsibly.
  • Communication and Collaboration
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of communication in digital spaces by comparing principles of effective communication in various digital spaces.
  • Online Research
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of online research by explaining steps in the research process and explaining the process of evaluating sources.
  • Study Skills
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of effective study skills by explaining the importance of organization and time management in an online learning environment.
  • The Importance of Attribution
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of attribution by explaining the evolution of copyright law and analyzing ways to protect the rights of creative works.
  • Personalizing the Learning Process
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of personalizing the learning process by identifying their own learning styles and analyzing methods to personalize their learning.
  • Self-Care in the Digital Space
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of self-care in the digital space by explaining best practices for optimizing academic performance and summarizing how to apply digital skills beyond high school.



Attend a virtual open house

We offer regular online open house webinars where VLACS staff members provide parents and students with an overview of our programs and answer questions about online learning.