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Introduction to Humanities I – FAS 201 (SNHU)

Introduction to Humanities I – FAS 201 (SNHU)

Credits 1


  • Impacts On Artistic Expression
    Students will demonstrate understanding of the impact that political, social and cultural environments have on artistic expression by using appropriate vocabulary to examine differences in artwork and literature from different time periods.
  • Universal Themes of Human Experience
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the universal themes of human experience by using appropriate vocabulary to identify, describe and compare themes that transcend time and place in visual and literary artworks.
  • Cultural Connections
    Students will demonstrate understanding of how the study of artistic expression helps people of one culture make connections to people of other cultures by examining visual and literary artwork from ancient cultures and identifying representations of human experiences that are similar to current culture.
  • Analyze, Critique and Compare Visual and Literary Works
    Students will demonstrate understanding of how to analyze, critique and compare visual and literary works by using appropriate vocabulary to communicate about works of art from the prehistoric era through the Renaissance.


High School Sophomore



Estimated Completion Time

1 segment/ 16-18 weeks


Introduction to Humanities 1 (FAS 201) is a college-level course that offers vocabulary, understanding, and appreciation of the visual arts in their cultural contexts in history, religion, literature, music, and ideas. It focuses on the achievements of ancient Greece and Rome, the medieval period, and the Renaissance while also exploring related issues in non-European cultures. This course may be taken independently of FAS 202.

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Note: content varies depending on course version. For currently enrolled students, please refer to the syllabus located in the course information area for curriculum specifics.


Major Topics and Concepts


Segment One:

  • Ancient Civilizations and the Origin of the Humanities
  • The Origins and Development of Hellenic and Hellenistic Culture
  • The Roman Republic and Empire
  • We All Believe in One True God
  • The Medieval Period and the Concept of Holy War
  • The High Middle Ages and the Black Death
  • The Italian Renaissance
  • The Northern Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation


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