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Estimated Completion Time

1 segment / 18 weeks


This course introduces students to the field of nursing. In the first semester students will learn about the history and evolution of nursing, education and licensure requirements, career path options, and nursing responsibilities. Students will also focus on foundational information such as basic anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, first aid, and disease prevention. In semester two students will examine various nursing theories, as well as focus on the nursing process, including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options. Students will also learn about professional and legal standards and ethics. Additional skills of communication, teaching, time and stress management, patient safety, crisis management will be included.


Note: content varies depending on course version. For currently enrolled students, please refer to the syllabus located in the course information area for curriculum specifics.


Major Topics and Concepts

Segment 1:

  • Holistic Care
    • What is Health?
    • Risk Factors
    • Holistic Nursing
  • The Nursing Process
    • Data Collection & Assessment
    • Nursing Diagnosis & Patient Care Plans
    • Implementation & Elevation
  • Critical Thinking & Communication
    • Prioritizing Care
    • Communication
    • Teaching
  • Coping Mechanisms
    • Stages of Change & Grief
    • Stress Management/Coping Skills
    • Crisis Management
  • Professionalism
    • Social Services
    • Professional, Legal, & Ethical Standards
    • Employability & Professionalism



Credits .5

Competency Group Overview

Meets elective credit


  • Holistic Approaches to Nursing and Human Health
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of holistic approaches to nursing and human health by researching and discussing a nurse's role and importance in whole person patient care, disease prevention and nursing theories.
  • Patient Diagnosis and Care Plans
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of a nurse’s role in patient diagnosis and care plan creation, implementation and evaluation by researching and discussing the various types of patient assessments, credible resources, symptom assessments and practicing calculation and analyzation of measurements.
  • Delivery and Prioritization of Care
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of a nurse’s role in the delivery and prioritization of care to properly treat patients by researching and discussing health records, effective listening skills, and patient evaluation and instruction.
  • Emotional Components of Nursing
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the emotional components of the nursing profession as they impact the nurse as an individual and the nurse as a caregiver to patients by researching and discussing the stages of change, grieving, end of life care, time and stress management, and crisis management.
  • Responsibilities and Legal and Ethical Issues
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of nurses’ responsibilities and legal and ethical issues by researching and discussing appropriate behavior in the workplace, controversial medical issues and employability.


Intro to Nursing 1

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