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Estimated Completion Time

1 segment/ 18 weeks


Welcome to the second phase of the Value Launch System! This course focuses on giving students the tools they need to take their idea from a thought to a customer or investor facing pitch.

Major Topics and Concepts

We start the course with an introductory topic, which sets the stage for the rest of the course. Create is broken into three sections, as you can see in the table on the right. They are Develop, Validate, and Present.

Develop is about fine tuning the idea they selected in the last course. While working through the Develop topics, students will critically evaluate their idea as a value creating solution for their customers. They will learn and use new skills to create a value plan and UVP, research the competition, and determine the financial feasibility of their idea.

The Validate section focuses on evaluating, testing, and validating their business idea. Students will learn about identifying assumptions, and applying various testing methods to them.

Present is all about how to pitch their idea to an investor or customer. By the end of this last section, students will create their Brand Story, Website, and a Pitch Deck to present to potential investors and customers. If they choose to go on to the final course (Launch), they will then learn to kick off their idea.

Credits .5


  • Creating Value for Your Customers
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of creating value for their customers by using the spine of Nigel’s Law to strengthen their core idea which will include creating value plans, target customer analysis, and understanding your customer’s problems.
  • Developing An Idea
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of developing an idea by conducting a competitive analysis that positions themselves ahead of their competition and assessing their financial feasibility in the marketplace.
  • Testing An Idea
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to test an idea and prove its value by selecting and creating an appropriate type of Minimum Viable Product and using it to test their assumptions in order to prove value.
  • Presenting Your Idea to the World
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of how to present their idea to customers or investors by developing a Website and a Pitch Deck.


Entrepreneurship 1

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