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Estimated Completion Time

18 weeks


Course Description:
The emphasis in the second-semester Kb students will be placed on applying what the students have learned to make more detailed works
of art. Among the projects, this semester students will be creating a bird feeder, making pig puppets, crafting paper flowers, making potpourri,
crafting a heart collage, constructing a wind chime, and pressing flowers.

Major Topics and Concepts

Major Kb Concepts:
• Collage
• Crafts
• Weaving
• Bubble painting

Credits .25


  • Clay
    I can describe characteristics of clay. I can create a mobile using clay.
  • Clay Beads
    I can describe how to make clay beads. I can create a necklace using clay beads.
  • Clay Techniques
    I can describe the pinch pot technique. I can describe the clay scratching technique. I can create a pinch pot.
  • Stencil
    I can describe a stencil. I can create a stencil.
  • Pressed Flowers
    I can describe the purpose of pressing flowers. I can explain how to press flowers.
  • Bird Feeder
    I can describe the purpose of a bird feeder. I can create a bird feeder.
  • Weaving
    I can define weaving. I can weave yarn.
  • Nature in Art
    I can provide examples of nature in art. I can create a spider web.
  • Finger Knitting
    I can describe finger knitting. I can create a hot pad.
  • Beads
    I can describe the history of beads. I can create a beaded snake.
  • Bead Buddies
    I can describe bead buddies. I can create a bead buddy.
  • Friendship Bracelet
    I can describe the history of a friendship bracelet. I can create a friendship bracelet.
  • Popcorn Art
    I can describe different types of popcorn art. I can create popcorn art.
  • Sculpture
    I can use a variety of shapes in my sculpture. I can create a three-dimensional sculpture.
  • Noodle Art
    I can explain how to dye noodles. I can create noodle art.
  • Molds
    I can define molds. I can explain the steps for making paper pulp. I can create paper molds.
  • Abstract Art
    I can define abstract art. I can create an abstract sculptures.
  • Recycled Art
    I can name the recycled objects used in my recycled instrument. I can create a musical instrument using recycled items.


Elementary Arts and Crafts Grade K a

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