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Estimated Completion Time

18 Weeks


Art provides an opportunity for children to develop the use of their senses directly and encourages the student to further develop
what they already know as a source of knowledge and creativity. Art offers the student an opportunity to express feelings and
emotions in their drawings and with color. Arts and Crafts promote self-esteem and self-awareness as it enhances personal
fulfillment. Children have a wonderful imagination that, if encouraged, will be needed though out their life. This course provides an
opportunity for self-discipline through instruction and cooperation while providing the student with an opportunity for self-
expression by using imaginative thinking for creative solutions. Learners will begin the course by creating a color wheel and
understanding the difference between primary, secondary, and complimentary colors. Learners will use watercolors to create a
value chart and begin to understand symmetry in art. At the end of the semester students will work with clay and create a Memorial

Course Requirements

To achieve success, students are expected to submit work in each course weekly. Students can learn at their own pace; however, “any pace” still means that students must make progress in the course every week. To measure learning, students complete self-checks, practice lessons, multiple choice questions, projects, discussion-based assessments, and discussions. Students and families are expected to maintain regular contact with teachers because, when teachers, students, and parents work together, students are successful.

Required Materials – Please view the list of materials before registering.

Major Topics and Concepts

Primary, Secondary, and Complimentary Colors
Value Charts



Nature and Art

Credits .25


  • Stitches
    I can describe the difference between a running stitch and an overcast/whip stitch. I can sew together a pillow.
  • Sewing
    I can use safe sewing skills. I can sew clothing for a hand puppet.
  • Functional Crafts
    I can describe functional crafts. I can create a functional craft.
  • Still Life
    I can define still life. I can create a still life painting.
  • Landscapes
    I can define landscape. I can create an unrealistic landscape.
  • Cubism
    I can describe Cubism. I can create a Cubist castle.
  • Radial Symmetry
    I can describe radial symmetry. I can use radial symmetry in my artwork.
  • Symmetry Painting
    I can describe mirror symmetry. I can create a piece of artwork using mirror symmetry.
  • Symmetry in Nature
    I can provide examples of where I see symmetry in nature. I can create a symmetrical bug.
  • Relief Print
    I can describe a relief print. I can create a relief print/ stamp.
  • Texture
    I can print using a variety of objects. I can create a print using a variety of textures.
  • Screen Printing
    I can define screen printing. I can create a screen print.
  • Soft Pastels
    I can describe soft pastels. I can create art using soft pastels.
  • Perspective
    I can define perspective. I can create a perspective drawing using oil pastels.
  • Shapes & Doodles
    I can describe doodles. I can create an animal drawing using shapes and doodles.
  • Origami
    I can define origami. I can use origami to create animals.
  • Mobiles
    I can describe mobiles. I can create a mobile.
  • Paper Crafts
    I can use paper to create a pop-up card.



Attend a virtual open house

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