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Estimated Completion Time

18 Weeks


Emphasis will be placed on applying what the students learned in Elementary Arts and Crafts 1a to make more detailed works of art.  In this course students will be creating colorful calendars, stenciling, fashioning intricate flower drawings, revisiting symmetrical objects, and mixing colors.  This course will provide students with opportunities to experience many different forms of arts and to express their imagination while learning valuable skills. Each student is an individual with unique ideas and talents. Our goal is to provide each student an opportunity for personal growth for themselves and the world in which we live.

Major Topics and Concepts

Major Concepts:

  • Form drawing
  • Mixing Colors
  • Calendar
  • Stenciling
  • Wet crayons and wet paper

Credits .25


  • Clay
    I can list items that can be made with clay. I can create a clay puzzle.
  • Pinch Pot
    I can describe the steps for making a pinch pot. I can create a bell using clay.
  • Sculpture
    I can describe how to make two pieces of clay stick together. I can create a sculpture using clay.
  • Sand Art
    I can tell a story about my sand village and its characters. I can create a sand village.
  • Useful Crafts
    I can define useful crafts. I can name several useful crafts. I can create useful crafts.
  • Natural Materials in Art
    I can name natural materials that can be used in art. I can use natural materials to create art.
  • Weaving
    I can describe tools used for weaving. I can create a loom and shuttle. I can weave a wall hanging.
  • God's Eye
    I can describe a God’s eye. I can create a God’s eye.
  • String Sculpture
    I can describe yarn bombing. I can create a string sculpture.
  • Beads
    I can describe the history of beads. I can create paper beads.
  • Pattern
    I can describe the patterns I used in my wind chime. I can create a wind chime.
  • Suncatcher
    I can describe a suncatcher. I can create a suncatcher.
  • Food Art
    I can list examples of art made by bakers. I can create a cookie mix jar.
  • Landscape
    I can define landscape. I can create a landscape using food.
  • Food Sculpture
    I can create a sculpture using food.
  • Painting with Found Objects
    I can name several items that can be used to paint with other than paint brushes. I can create a painting with items other than a paint brush.
  • Recycled Materials
    I can create recycled crayons.
  • Recycled Art
    I can list items that can be used to create recycled art. I can create a puppet out of recycled materials.



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