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Creative Writing – ENG 226 (SNHU)

Creative Writing – ENG 226 (SNHU)

Credits 1

Competency Group Overview

Meets English graduation requirement


  • Literary Elements
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of literary elements (theme, setting, characterization, plot, and dialogue) by analyzing author’s use of these techniques and by using these techniques in their writing of poetry, nonfiction, fiction and/or screenwriting.
  • Writing Voice and Tone
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of voice and tone in written work and commentary by applying these elements in a creative work.
  • Revising Writing
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of best practices for making selective revisions to written work based on feedback of others by revising an original creative work.


High school sophomore



Estimated Completion Time

1 semester/ 16-18 weeks


This is an introductory creative writing course designed to acquaint students with the craft of creating writing and the skills that will be required in subsequent creative writing workshops. Students will explore such craft issues as point of view, voice, characterization, dialogue, setting, conflict, rhythm, imagery, poetic structure, and dramatic scene development. Students will be expected to submit a number of writing exercises, including stories and poems. Student will also be expected to read and comment on their peers’ writing with thoughtful and constructive criticism, as well as read and discuss published work.

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Major Topics and Concepts

Course Objectives

  • Write short creative works that reflect basic genre structures and norms related to grammar, style, and voice
  • Produce constructive and executable feedback for creative works in specific genres
  • Distinguish the executable and constructive messages from feedback for improving creative works
  • Determine a creative writing path on which to focus growth as a writer that reflects personal interests and style


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