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Social scientists consider a number of factors when deciding to invest time and resources into investigating a problem. Students engage in inquiry-based learning by selecting a current issue and exploring it from the perspective of social scientists (psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist etc.). Students use a systematic approach to engage in an evidence-informed investigation pertaining to a current issue.

Major Topics and Concepts

Objectives: In this course, students will demonstrate their ability to:

  • Illustrate the impact of social scientific thinking on personal and professional experiences
  • Select appropriate and relevant social science resources in investigating contemporary issues in the social sciences
  • Communicate effectively to specific audiences in examining fundamental aspects of human behavior
  • Utilize evidence-based approaches in drawing conclusions about the impact of contemporary issues on individuals and society
  • Apply essential principles of the social sciences in addressing critical questions related to human behavior

Credits 1


  • Exploring Social Science Issues
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of essential principles in social sciences by applying these principles to examine human behavior.
  • Research Investigation
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of researching social science issues by utilizing the research investigation process of vetting sources, formulating research questions in order to understand their implications.
  • Drawing Conclusions from Research
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based research in the social sciences by drawing conclusions to explain aspects of human behavior.
  • Presenting Social Science Findings
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of presenting social science research findings by developing a formal presentation which tailors research findings to an audience, includes visuals and shares results.


High School Sophomore, SCS100

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