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Applied Humanities – HUM200 (SNHU)

Applied Humanities – HUM200 (SNHU)

Credits 1


  • Studying Creative Works
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of strategies that are used to study creative works by identifying universal themes and analyzing art, literature, and music.
  • Creative Expression
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of how artists use creative expression to convey a message by examining the choices artists make when creating art, literature and music and how these choices impact the message that is being conveyed.
  • Impact of Humanities
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of the humanities on personal experiences and society by examining the relationship between art and daily life.
  • Research Strategies
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of strategies used for researching works of art, music and literature by examining cultural artifacts based on a common theme.


High School Sophomore, HUM100



Estimated Completion Time

1 segment/16-18 weeks


What is the purpose of art, literature, and philosophy? Is it enough to create simply for the act of creating, or should a work serve as a deliberate commentary, be it political, social, personal, or derivative of other motivations? In this course, students have the opportunity to select works, collections, or periods within the humanities for research and study. The study is guided by both subjective and objective analyses to differentiate between an artist’s or author’s intended meaning and a society’s interpretation of that meaning.

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Major Topics and Concepts

Segment 1:

  • Introduction to the Humanities
  • Examining the Humanities
  • Impact of the Humanities
  • Human Culture

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