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Applied Finite Mathematics – MAT 130 (SNHU)

Applied Finite Mathematics – MAT 130 (SNHU)

Credits 1



Algebra 1, high school sophomore



Estimated Completion Time

1 semester, 16-18 weeks


This course is designed to prepare students for other courses in the core curriculum and in their majors and to provide a basis for making decisions in life after graduation. Topics include mathematics of finance, probability and counting, and descriptive statistics.

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Major Topics and Concepts

  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest
  • Future Values of Annuities
  • Present Values of Annuities
  • Loans & Amortization
  • Loan Payment & Schedule Using Excel
  • Multiplication Rule (probability)
  • Probability: Odds
  • Unions & Intersections of Events
  • Conditional Probability: The Product Rule
  • Probability Trees & Bayes’ Formula
  • Permutations, Combinations & Probability
  • Variable Types (statistics)
  • Bar, Circle & Time-Series Graphs
  • Frequency Distributions, Histograms, etc.
  • Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode
  • Finding Measures of Central Tendency Using Excel
  • Measures of Variation
  • Finding Measures of Variation Using Excel
  • Percentiles & Box Whisker Plots
  • Finding Quartiles & Percentiles Using Excel
  • Scatter Diagrams & Linear Correlation
  • Finding Scatter Diagram & Trendline Using Excel

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