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Estimated Completion Time

18 Weeks


Learn to create, manage, and link databases for essential business operations. Develop your database, design, and planning skills and learn to implement security features to protect and back-up your important data. Put your new skills into practice with a capstone project. Content of this course will be applicable to the Microsoft Office Suite certification exam.

Major Topics and Concepts

Unit 1: Getting Started with Databases

  • Understand the ways databases work
  • Navigate the basic interface of Microsoft Access
  • Explain the basics of entering data into a database
  • Create a simple database

Unit 2: Table Talk

  • Create and manage tables in databases
  • Manage records and fields in a table
  • Modify, change, and edit records in different tables
  • Organize a database into tables

Unit 3: Query Quest

  • Understand the principles behind queries
  • Write and formulate goal-oriented queries
  • Group and summarize data via queries
  • Modify and specify searches through queries

Unit 4: Form Facts

  • Use, fill in, and utilize forms
  • Set up new forms and pull up existing ones
  • Edit, manipulate, and design Access forms
  • Understand the usefulness and uses of forms

Unit 5: Reports That Work

  • Create and edit reports
  • Format reports and use them to communicate key points
  • Back up, repair, recover, and encrypt databases
  • Print various reports via Access

Unit 6: Access in Business

  • Understand and explain entrepreneurship and the qualities needed for it
  • Explain the difference between different types of businesses
  • Analyze the ways in which Access can help a business grow and develop
  • Create and read simple business plans

Unit 7: Ready for the World: Printing and Exporting Data

  • Use advanced printing and sharing functions
  • Understand and explain the importance of behaving appropriately in the workplace
  • Describe the connection between IT and business and their shared future
  • Export databases to different formats

Unit 8: Entrepreneurship and Risk

  • Understand and read risk assessments
  • Perform simple business risk assessments for different types of businesses
  • Make an informed decision when it comes to (business) insurance
  • Recognize the safety concerns around technology

Credits .5


  • Introduction to Microsoft Access Databases and Tables
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of databases and tables by explaining the function of databases, explaining data entry and the use of tables for record management, and creating a Microsoft Access database.
  • Database Queries
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of database queries by explaining the principles behind queries and using queries to collect various information from a database.
  • Database Forms, Reports and Data Protection
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of the use of database forms and reports and how to protect data by researching and explaining how to create, edit and manipulate forms and reports to retrieve and communicate database information and data protection methods.
  • Business and Database Use
    Students will demonstrate an understanding of business and database use by researching and explaining various business types, business risk assessments and the benefits of database use for various methods of data communication and sharing.



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