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Adult Education FAQs

Are your courses approved by the state?

VLACS is a state approved charter school and public school. Our approval to serve as a school comes directly from the NH State Board of Education which grants us the ability to award high school diplomas and academic credits. To ensure that our programming and services meet the requirements set forth by the NH Board of Education we must submit an annual report describing and documenting our work, plus, every five years we are required to participate in a charter renewal process that is identical to many independent accreditation processes. Certain courses are approved by the NCAA. Please contact adulted@vlacs.org for more information about specific courses.

Who can take the Adult Education VLACS courses?

  • Adults living outside of NH who do not have a high school diploma can enroll in our diploma program, earn individual credits, or take our courses for enrichment.
  • NH residents 21 and over who do not have a high school diploma can enroll in our diploma program, earn individual credits, or take our courses for enrichment.  (NH residents under 21 who do not have a high school diploma are eligible for our regular high school program)
  • Any adult, anywhere who already has a high school diploma can take our courses for enrichment or individual credits.


What about students 18-21 who do not have a diploma and want to get one?

  • NH students who do not have a diploma and are 18-21 years of age are not Adult Education students.  These students can take courses in our traditional high school for credit or for a diploma.  Please speak with our guidance department (guidance@vlacs.org) about options.
  • All adults outside of NH who do not have a high school diploma are welcome to enroll.

Can I earn my diploma from VLACS?

  • Yes!  You can enroll in our diploma program to and earn an Adult Ed diploma through VLACS. Click here to apply to the Diploma Program.
  • You can also enroll in individual courses and transfer the credit to your local Adult Ed center.
  • For more information about our Diploma program please email adulted@vlacs.org or call (603) 778-2500

Will you be offering the HiSet (used to be GED) test?

We don’t have plans to at this time.

How do I work with my instructor?

You will communicate with your instructor via email and have meetings in a Virtual Meeting Room, a free service that allows text and video chat.  Your instructor will email or text chat you each week to check in on your progress.  You can also make appointments with your instructor for more in-depth support.  

What credentials do VLACS instructors have?

All VLACS instructors are either New Hampshire certified or are in the certification process and deemed as highly qualified according to state standards. Administrators conduct a specialized, comprehensive hiring process for all instructors to ensure they are willing to accept and enjoy the unique and demanding challenges of online teaching.

Will you be offering HiSet (used to be GED) prep classes?

Many of the courses we to offer, such as English, Math, and Social Studies, will be helpful to those who are preparing for the HiSet test.

How does an online course work?

Adult Education students work at their own pace with support from VLACS instructors.  Instructors check in with students each week.   You will do all of your learning and submit assignments in our web-based Learning Management System.  This is also where your instructor will grade and provide feedback. The system is password protected and meets stringent privacy and security standards to protect users.

Didn’t find the answer to your question?

If you have questions feel free to email adulted@vlacs.org. You may also contact us at (603) 778-2500 and the operator will direct you to the appropriate staff person.

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