Virtual Learning Academy General Student Policies

  • Pace and Grace Period:
    • A 1.0 credit course is normally completed in 36 weeks; a 0.5 credit course in 18 weeks. You may work faster but must maintain the minimum pace.
    • The first 28 days you are in a VLACS course is the “grace period.” You may contact your instructor to drop the course with “no grade” during that period.
    • If, at the end of the “grace period,” you have not completed the required lessons for the first four weeks, your instructor may remove you from the class.
    • Withdrawing after the 28-day grace period will result in a withdrawal incomplete (WInc) on your transcript. You are expected to stay on pace or you may be dropped from the course if you are not submitting the minimum assignments each week according to Suggested Pacing in the student information system each week.
  • Progress Reports will be issued monthly. Instructors will also make a monthly phone appointment with you and your parents to discuss progress in your course(s).
  • Academic integrity is very important to VLACS; therefore, students agree to submit authentic work, not copied from another student or from another source without citing that source.
  • It is the policy of the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) that its students have an educational experience that is safe, secure, peaceful, and free from student harassment, also known as bullying or cyber bullying. VLACS will not tolerate unlawful harassment of any type. Conduct that constitutes bullying or cyber bullying as defined herein even if it occurs outside of students’ academic interaction with VLACS is prohibited. To read the complete policy click here.
  • All students will be required to master course competencies in order to earn credit from VLACS.

Course Policies

  • When sending an email, please include:
    • A specific topic within the subject line
    • Please be sure to include your full name
    • You will receive a response within 24-48 hours
  • You are strongly encouraged to do all your assessments in the order they are presented to you; completing them out of order will make your course more difficult and may give you a false impression of your overall progress in completing your course. Assessments that are not completed will negatively affect your final course grade.
  • To help you stay on pace, you need to develop a pace chart for your course. Your instructor will discuss this with you during your Welcome Call.
  • Parents play an important part in the VLACS online community. We rely on parents to check the pace chart regularly to see that their student is on pace.
  • When you submit assignments, they will be graded and returned to you within your course. If you wish to resubmit an assignment (not an exam/test – see below) to improve your grade, you may do so and it will be re-evaluated for a final grade.
  • Mid-term and final exams allow only one submission.
  • Please be aware that the mid-term and final exams are password protected and must be administered by an approved proctor.

Questions? Attend an open house.

Preparing for the Welcome Call

Before you begin a Welcome Call or other meeting with your instructor, please be sure to be logged in to your Courses page ( and review any content requested by your instructor.

To Log In

After the Welcome Call, an instructor will activate your course and you can log in and begin to work.

  • Courses can be accessed through the student login button on our website: Once logged in, click “Go to Courses” on the left-hand side.

Once in your course

  • Pace Chart:
    • Print out the pace chart located in the Course Info Area.
    • Keep a copy of this readily accessible, such as in a folder on your computer.
  • Course Information Area:
    • Read every link in the Course Information Area as it contains information to help you be successful in your course.
  • Course Lessons:
    • Read every part of every module.
    • Begin with Module 1 and proceed in order.
    • Do NOT begin at Assessments.
  • Course Assessments/Assignments:
    • Look for the assignment by either name or number.
    • Click on the assignment you need to do.
    • Click the “submit all and finish” or “send for marking” button at the bottom to submit.
  • On many assignments you may receive an initial grade of “0” or a much lower score than you anticipate – that is a temporary score – you must wait for your instructor to fully grade your assignment.
  • Please allow for two business days for work to be graded.

Helpful Hints

  • Maintain a regular schedule for working on your course.
  • Don’t hesitate to work ahead of pace, but it is highly recommended that assignments be done in order.
  • Back up and save ALL work submitted for the course. VLACS recommends creating a separate folder for each course on your computer (if possible), or on a USB thumb drive.

Access to Student Information

VLACS values parents as partners. From approving course requests to monitoring progress, the Guardian account allows parents to have a hands-on approach with their student’s academic life. This account can be accessed at: using your Guardian username and password (click on the button labeled “Login”).

How to Get Help

  • Your instructor will be able to help you with most any issue, however, there may be times when you will need extra assistance. Below is a list of additional sources of information and/or assistance.
  • Technical HelpDesk – A technician is available to help you with any technical issue related to VLACS courses or software via chat, voice and video through our software communication tool located in your course.
  • Academic HelpDesk – Academic Coaches are available to help with your course-related questions via chat, voice and video through our software communication tool located in your course when your “regular” instructor is not available.

Full-time Student Application Process and Policies

The admissions process at VLACS is intended to help support students as they transition to online learning full time. Prospective students will follow the steps below as part of the admissions process:

  1. Complete the Application and Admissions Plan Supplement (included in the application).
  2. Attend an Information Session. Once VLACS receives your application, the office will contact you via email to schedule an online Information Session.
  3. Participate in an Admission Plan Review Meeting. After you attend an Information Session, you will receive a link to schedule an Admissions Plan Review Meeting. During this meeting you will discuss your course completion goals, course selection, and course requirements, as well as develop a timeline for acceptance to the full-time program.
  4. Meet Admission Plan goals, which involves completion of online coursework including one or more core academic courses. Once you meet these goals, you will be accepted to our full-time program.

It typically takes 8-16 weeks to complete the admissions plan and gain acceptance. However, this is based on the personalized plan you create with the admissions counselor during the application process and varies by student.

Part-time VLACS students who have submitted an application for the full-time program are eligible to take up to 6 courses at one time while they work toward becoming a full-time student. We understand that students who are enrolled full-time in a school or academic program outside of VLACS may take fewer courses during the admissions process. At least one course prospective students take must be a core academic course in order for their application to be reviewed (see complete list in Admissions FAQ).

Students and families can determine which courses to enroll in by completing the Course Map section of the application. We recommend that prospective students work toward completing the graduation requirements they have not met at VLACS or another school first (for example, if you have passed English 1&2, sign up for English 3; if you have passed Algebra 1, sign up for Geometry or Algebra 2; if you have passed Physical Science and Biology, sign up for a science elective or skip science altogether; if you have passed World History and US and NH History, sign up for Economics or US and NH Government).

All course selection questions will be answered during the Admissions Plan review meeting.

Subjects Credits
Arts Education 0.5
Information & communication technologies 0.5
English 4.0
Mathematics (including Alg I and .5 credit in geometry or equivalent) 3.0
Physical sciences 1.0
Biological sciences 1.0
U.S. and N.H. history 1.0
U.S. and N.H. government/civics 0.5
Economics 0.5
World history or geography 0.5
Health education 0.5
Physical education 1.0
Elective & Advisory (0.5 credit of Advisory for each year of enrollment up to 2.0 credits) 7.0
Career Exploration Experience, Dual Credit or AP (must include Segment 1 of Career Exploration Experience) 1.0
Total 22.0

Full-time Student Assessments

Full-time VLACS students shall participate in statewide assessments as required by the Statewide Education Improvement and Assessment Program (RSA 193-C). Full-time students shall also be required to participate in annual standardized assessments as well as certain college and career ready assessments as required.

In addition, full-time students are required to complete community service each year.

**Students admitted on or after May 23, 2014 shall engage with and apply English and mathematics graduation competencies during every year they are enrolled in high school even if graduation competencies for English and mathematics have been demonstrated. Such engagement may occur through integration of these graduation competencies in courses focused on content areas other than English or mathematics. Such engagement shall support students to be college and career ready in mathematics and English/language arts.

Full-Time Middle School Student policies

Course Requirements

Full-time middle school students are required to take a core academic course in each of the disciplines listed below during each year (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) of enrollment:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics Course
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Additionally, each year a full-time middle school student is required to take a physical education or health course, advisory, and an elective course.

Part-Time Student policies

  • Part-time students may enroll in VLACS for academic enrichment, accelerate their progress in a traditional high school program or finish uncompleted coursework.
  • Our part-time students can choose from more than 200 competency group offerings (a.k.a. courses) that feature flexible course completion timelines supported by anytime, anyplace, anywhere, and any pace competency-based learning.
  • Part-time students can complete the work at their own pace; however, regular work submission and communication is required in all VLACS courses in accordance with the student’s pace chart.
  • The timeline for course completion will be flexible to meet the needs of all full-time students. Typically, students will complete a 1-credit competency group (course, project, etc.) in about 36 weeks or complete a 0.5-credit in 18 weeks. Students can opt to accelerate their pace or request additional time if they find the work too challenging.

Admission Process

If you would like to be a part-time VLACS student, there is no application process. You can enroll today. See our Enrollment page to learn more and get started.

Part-Time Requirements

The following are some things you need to know before enrolling in VLACS as a part-time student:

  • Part-time students can be active in no more than the equivalent of six courses or learning journey activities at one time and may not earn more than six credits between July 1 and June 30 of any year.
  • We recommend that part-time students meet with their local school’s guidance counselor to ensure the selected VLACS courses will meet their school’s graduation requirements.

Attend an open house

We offer regular online open house webinars where VLACS staff members provide parents and students with an overview of our programs and answer questions about online learning.