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Free training opportunities and support for New Hampshire schools.

High-quality training for school personnel is the key to providing the proper support to your online students. We offer face-to-face and online training for administrators, counselors, teachers, lab facilitators and technical staff.

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All of these services are offered to New Hampshire schools without cost:

  • NH resident students attend VLACS free — See our learning catalog for a description of our competency groups (aka, courses) and learning paths. Note: We require that parents approve student enrollments.
  • Partnership training —We offer face-to-face sessions many times throughout the year. The next training date is scheduled for Tuesday September 26th, 2017. For more information please email
  • Flexible learning program training — Offered online, flexible learning program training is scheduled as needed throughout the year.
  • Newsletter — All partners receive and online newsletter which highlights new programming and services, and offers suggestions for supporting online learners
  • Access to VLACS office staff — Our team of administrators, support staff, counselors, and technical Help Desk specialists are available to help partner school representatives with their questions.
  • Access to student progress information — All partner schools are provided with accounts on our student information system so that they can monitor student progress.

Here are a few examples of VLACS offerings that allow partner schools to help their students:

  • Customized and Flexible Learning — At VLACS, students create customized learning pathways that include courses, projects, experiences, team projects, or college courses. Students can enroll at any time and progress at a pace that meets their academic needs.
  • Acceleration — Students may enroll in courses or pathways regardless of age as long a they meet our prerequisites. This could mean that an advanced middle school student enrolls in Geometry or that a high school student completes an associate degree while in high school.
  • Credit Recovery or Competency Recovery — As a competency-based school we meet students where they are in the curriculum and help them to move forward which eliminates the need for separate credit or competency recover programs. For example, a student may have failed algebra because he/she has not mastered three competencies.  Rather than re-taking the entire course can we help the student master the missing competencies.
  • Real-World Learning Opportunities — Through our experiences pathway students meet competencies through apprenticeships, internships, travel, service learning, independent study, or entrepreneurship. There are an almost limitless ways to learn at VLACS.
  • Summer School — We offer rolling enrollment so students can enroll in courses or pathways as needed. In many ways, this renders summer school a thing of the past as students can access the services they need for remediation at any time of the year.  However, if students need help during the summer we’re here to help.
  • Gifted Education — All students, including gifted students, can accelerate their learning at VLACS. We provide students with the opportunity to design  customized learning pathways based on student’s interests, talents, and passions.

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