Enroll Now in a Course or Project

At VLACS, our goal is to get you learning as quickly as possible. To enroll in Adult Education courses and projects, follow our simple enrollment process.

STEP 1: View Offerings

View our course and project offerings in our Adult Education Learning Catalog.

STEP 2: Choose a Subject Area

Choose a subject area from the Adult Education Learning Catalog:

Adult Education Learning Catalog

STEP 3: Select Course or Project

Select your desired course or project and subscription length, followed by selecting Enroll and Pay:

Adult Education enroll and pay screenshot


STEP 4: Create an Account

Create an account or login to your pre-existing Adult Education account and input your payment information (VLACS Middle and High School username and login do not apply):

Adult Education login page screenshot

STEP 5:  Accept Terms and Conditions

Once you have read through and accepted the Terms and Conditions and Board Policies please click the proceed button. Once you have enrolled in the course you will receive a confirmation email that will provide your username and temporary password.

Adult Education payment page screenshot

STEP 6: Schedule your Welcome Call

You will also receive a separate email from your course instructor to schedule your Welcome Call. The Welcome Call is an opportunity for you and your instructor to get to know each other. You will discuss your working pace and when you’d like to complete course before deciding when to start your course subscription.



Click Here to Enroll in a Course or Project.


What are Projects?

Are you looking for ways to learn other than traditional courses? If you answered “yes” then you may be interested in learning through a project. The project approach to learning allows students to demonstrate mastery of a competency by solving real-world problems through in-depth research and application. Check out our project options in the Adult Education Learning Catalog.

Adult Education Projects location screenshot

To see more information about course specific projects please click on the Competency Group and select the projects tab.

Adult Education project description screenshot

What if I want to extend my subscription?

With 10 days remaining on your subscription you will receive an email with steps to extend your time for either  2 weeks ($55), 4 weeks ($110) without interruption to the course.

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