The VLACS Adult Ed tuition fee structure is designed to allow you to create the schedule you need to meet your goals. Traditionally, schools base tuition charges on a semester (14-18 weeks). We provide you with the opportunity to design your own schedule. If you want to complete a course quickly or just focus on specific sections of a course, we can help.

Perhaps you want to finish your diploma before your next birthday or complete a biology course to prepare for a college class. Or, you might just want to learn a few things about photography. Subscribe just for the time you need:

Tuition for Individual Courses
$110 – four week subscription (28 days)
Start date – you decide
End date – four weeks later, or purchase additional time

Tuition for the Diploma Program
$50 – application fee
$110 – four week subscription per course
Start date – you decide along with support from an advisor
End date – four weeks late, or purchase additional time if needed to complete course requirements
$50 – graduation fee after all program requirements are met


You will receive an email when you are nearing completion of the first four-weeks. If you want to continue, you will have the option to extend your enrollment. You can add an additional two weeks (14 days) for $55 or an additional four weeks (28 days) for $110. You may do this as many times as you want until your learning goals are achieved.

For example, when you start your course, you will pay $110. If, at the end of that first four-week period, you choose to keep learning and extend your course access for another four weeks, you will pay an additional $110. At the end of the second four-week period you could extend your learning for another two weeks for $55. All in all, you will have worked for 10 weeks for $265 while learning something new and/or gaining a new skill or credential.

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